Cellar Music Productions 2020

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Hello, and welcome to our web site!  In the short time you spend with us, we hope you'll know just what CELLAR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS can do for you and your station.

  • Cellar Music provides QUALITY, UNCOMPRESSED complete or supplemental music libraries to RADIO STATIONS all over the country, and we are celebrating our 36th year doing so.
  • We are sorry to say that due to music licensing restrictions, we can only provide music library titles to LICENSED BROADCAST STATIONS!
  • We are now located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, which is located about 50 miles north of downtown Milwaukee.
  • All of our work is CUSTOM to your station needs, which means you only pay for what you want!
  • We provide titles in today's most popular formats, and our music library is now over 25,000 CHARTED titles, from the EARLY 50's to TODAY!
  • Over 99% of our music is sourced directly from CD masters!
  • With our extensive CD library, each cut is carefully compared with other copies, and only one is considered the best for our digital dubbing process.
  • There is NEVER a minimum order size, you only pay for what you need or want!
  • In addition to our before mentioned QUALITY recording services, FAST SERVICE is also very important to us, with small orders of 100 titles or less usually shipped within 48 hours!
  • With our downloads title delivery service, you can now have the titles you need the SAME DAY day that you order them in most cases.
  • Downloaded music titles are sent as 44.1 uncompressed .wav files, NO compressed file quality issues.
  • Downloaded music titles are now only $2.00 each!
  • Contact us to learn what your competition already knows!
One half of our master CD music library
Additional master music library CDs
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