Our History - Cellar Music Productions 2020

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Cellar Music Productions began in 1988.   Our first CD was purchased in 1984, and it was immediately evident that digital audio masters in the broadcast industry was the way of the future.

As the "private" collection became the "vault" for a number of local broadcast stations, it became evident of the need for a QUALITY CUSTOM supplemental or complete music library service, with flexibility to meet any playlist requirements.  Many of our new customers already had a respectable music library, but were in need of upgrades due to new remasters appearing weekly. Others were about to do an "overnight" format change, and needed to keep complete secrecy, but desired the highest quality in air sound with the new format.

Cellar Music found this need, serving the broadcaster with the personal service lost in most business today.  From the early 50's to today, we can provide the quality titles you need!

Discover the "Secret our clients don't want to tell anyone about", Cellar Music Productions.
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